LGBT Fellowship

1st Sunday of the month. Arrive at 2pm for coffee, cake and chat – the main meeting is 2.30pm-4pm

Think you can’t be gay and be a Christian? Think again. The West Herts and borders LGBT Christian Fellowship is a safe and welcoming place for everyone – lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, straight or somewhere in between – whether you call yourself a Christian or go to church or not.

We believe that you can be pro-LGBT and still follow a faith – despite what you may hear – and are keen to support each other to do so.

Some of us are LGBT ourselves, others have LGBT friends, children or parents, or come in order to show support for LGBT issues. Our youngest members are under five, our oldest over 70, and plenty in between.

We’ve watched films together, prayed together, been to Herts Pride together and even baked bread together. We have had discussions and guest speakers. And at every meeting, there’s always plenty of cake, conversation and companionship.

To find out more about the Fellowship and our forthcoming meetings, email Rachel and Sarah Hagger-Holt on or simply come along to Berry Lane Methodist Church, Mill End WD3 7HJ on the first Sunday of each month, 2.30-4pm. All are very welcome and we’d be delighted to see new faces – either for a one-off visit or those who may like to join us regularly.

You can also find Rachel and Sarah’s book – Living It Out: A survival guide for lesbian, gay and bisexual Christians, their friends, families and churches – in Hertfordshire libraries.

We were featured in the Three Rivers Times – see the article here – and in the Methodist e-newspaper The Buzz here.

Here is a review of the Fellowship written by member ‘Kate’: LGBT Fellowship Article

To join our mailing list, email Rachel and Sarah Hagger-Holt on